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International flights for Cinque Terre arrive at the airports “Galileo Galilei” – Pisa or at “Cristoforo Colombo” – Genoa, which are respectively 100 and 120km from Riomaggiore. At Pisa airport there is a train station that makes train transfer to Cinque Terres easy: this trip generally lasts 1h50. The length of the trip from Genoa is approximately the same, but the airport is about 20 minutes from the train station “Piazza Principe” -Genoa (there is a shuttle service that connects the airport with the train station).

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The arrival point to input in the navigator is “Riomaggiore, Via Santuario” (no number). However, not always the navigation tools provide return correct indications; it’s always good do not ignore the road signs and our suggestions. Once you arrive in La Spezia, readily crosses the city following the signs for the 5 Terre and Portovenere. You reach a junction where the roads to these two destinations are separated. It ‘should be emphasized that, despite being a very special and beautiful places, Portovenere does not belong to the group of the 5 Terre. However, it is worth to note down this crossroads in the travel notes, as we invite you to visit, wherever possible. So take the uphill road and continue for 5 Terre Riomaggiore, the first of these is that you meet, after about 20 minutes.

Arriving to Riomaggiore by car is very easy. The reference point is the town of La Spezia, that can be reached from Genoa, Turin and north-western Italy by driving on the freeway/motorway A12 towards Livorno. From Milan, drive along the freeway/motorway A1 (towards Bologna) up to Parma, where you then have to take the junction for La Spezia. From Bergamo and Brescia it is better to drive on the freeway/motorway A21 Brescia-Piacenza up to Fiorenzuola d’Arda, then continue on the freeway/motorway A1 towards Parma and then take the freeway/motorway A15 up to La Spezia. Those coming from Triveneto can choose between two different options: from Verona, Vicenza, Trento and Bolzano drive along the Brennero-Modena road and once on the freeway/motorway A1 continue towards Parma to take then the freeway/motorway A15 up to La Spezia. From Treviso, Udine, Trieste, Venice, Padua and Rovigo cover the freeway/motorway A13 Padua-Bologna, then the A1 up to Parma and finally the A15 up to La Spezia. Those coming from the Adriatic ridge have to cover the freeway/motorway A14 towards Bologna, then the freeway/motorway A1 up to Parma and finally the freeway/motorway A15 up to La Spezia. From Livorno and Pisa one has to drive on the freeway/motorway A12 towards Genoa. From Florence drive on the freeway/motorway A11 Firenze-Mare (Florence-Sea) up to Viareggio, then towards Genoa up to La Spezia. From Rome and other localities in central-southern Italy one has to reach Florence and from then follow the above mentioned directions. For further information about trips, tolls and road system/conditions go to the website:

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Once there you will have to look for a suitable parking. Riomaggiore is limited traffic zone (ZTL), basically a large pedestrian area; the access to the historic center and parking for up to 20 minutes, for loading and unloading luggage, are admitted between 08.00 am and 10.00 am and between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm (except Saturday afternoon and Holidays). The silos parking is located in correspondence of a bar which delimits the ZTL; the entrances for public parking are the n° 4 and n° 5/6, both on the left. The parking price goes from 3.50 € for the first hour, up to € 23.00 for 24 hours. The cash machine is located at the entrance 4. Alternatively you can leave the car outside the country, along the way. The parking of cycles and motorcycles is always for free; the reserved area for these vehicles is located near the silos, outdoor. However, we will be there when you arrive, to give support and accompany you to your accomodation place.


Riomaggiore is the first railway station in the stretch between La Spezia and Genoa and towards the latter. Those coming from Bologna, Pisa, Florence or other localities in the south, once in La Spezia will have to take the regional train to Genoa and get off in Riomaggiore after a 8-minute trip. Those coming from Genoa, Turin, Milan or other north-western cities will have two options (since in Riomaggiore only regional trains and few other have a stop): they can travel up to La Spezia on an inter-city train and then arrive in Riomaggiore with the first regional train or take a regional train in Genoa and arrive directly to Riomaggiore. The passenger, according to his/her travelling habits, will opt for a shorter trip in terms of time or for a more comfortable one during which he/she does not have to change train. For further information about timetables, trips and prices visit the website: At your arrival in Riomaggiore we will be at the railway station to welcome you and take you to your apartment.

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There is also a navigation system with a considerable boat fleet connecting all the localities of Cinque Terre among them but also with La Spezia, Lerici, Portovenere, Elba Island, Capraia Island and Portofino. Although this service is mainly used for tourist excursions, this is however a good alternative to railway or road transports. It is ideal for those having light luggage or who want to visit these localities while reaching their final destination. Unfortunately, however, this service depends on the sea and weather conditions and is not operative during the winter. For further information about prices, timetables and routes visit the website: